Taxation Services
Individuals, Corporate (Companies and Close Corporations) and Trusts. With the introduction of the new Tax Administration Act (TAA), the tax administration process became onerous, involve and complicated. Or income tax department's services include all aspects of documentation, completion and liaisonwith SARS. We use specialised tax adminstration software to keep track of all SARS processes. All tax returns submitted to SARS are checked by senior tax staff.
  • Planning and advice
  • Registration
    • Income Tax Numbers
    • PAYE / SDL / UIF
    • VAT
    • Workmen's Compensation
    • Industrial Council
  • Completion
    • Annual Tax Returns (IT14's / ITR12's)
    • Provisional Tax Returns
  • Tax Clearance Certificates
    • Good Standing
    • Tenders
    • Foreign Investments
  • Tax Directives
    • Fixed percentage for commission earners